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SafeTest 60


If you're looking for the SafeTest 60 datasheet featuring full technical specifications or the instruction manual, you can find them here.


Insulation Resistance (Non US versions only)
MeasurementEUT to Earth
Voltage500VDC @1mA
Maximum O/C Voltage<600VDC
Range100K - 20MΩ ± 5% ± 2 digits
Short circuit current<2mA
Voltage Measurement
ApplicationL-N, L-E, N-E and touch voltage (IEC 61010)
Range0.0V - 300VAC
Accuracy± 2% ± 5 digits (between 10V - 270VAC)
Mains frequency45.0 - 66.0Hz
Power Source
Maximum current rating20A @ 120V / 16A @ 230V
Duty cycle15A to 20A, 5 min, on/5 min, off[br]10A to 15A, 7 min, on/3 min, off[br]0A to 10A, continuous
Mains Power90-264V 46-64Hz
Standard Accessories (supplied with SafeTest 60)
Calibration certificate
Carrying case
Bond test probe with clip
Detachable mains cable
Electronic instruction manual
Quick start guide
Earth Continuity
Method2 wire ZAP technique.
Test Current>±200mADC into 2Ω
Max Test Voltage4-24Vrms o/c
Measuring Range (low range)0.001 – 0.999Ω / 0.001Ω resolution
Measuring Range (mid range)1.00 – 9.99Ω / 0.01Ω resolution
Measuring Range (high range)10.0 – 19.9Ω / 0.1Ω resolution
Accuracy± 1% of value, ± 5mΩ
Circuit ProtectionTest inhibited if ≥30VAC or DC at 4mm inputs
Powered Leakage Measurements
IEC 62353Equipment Leakage (Direct)
IEC / AAMI 60601Earth + Enclosure Leakage
NFPA-99Ground + Chassis Leakage
IEC 61010Touch Leakage, Touch Voltage
Test VoltageMains Supply Voltage
Measuring Range0.1μA to 9999μA
Accuracy± 2%, ± 5µA
Mains ReversalSoftkey
Single Fault ConditionsOpen neutral via softkey[br]Open earth via softkey
Frequency ResponseIEC 60601 - 62353, NFPA-99 and IEC 61010
EUT Load Current Measurement
Range0.0A - 20.0A
Accuracy±5% ± 2 digits
General Specification
Weight1.1kg / 2.5lbs (unit)[br]2.2kg / 5lbs (complete with accessories)
Size (L x W x D)225 x 150 x 100mm / 9 x 6 x 4"

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