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Patient Simulation

Accurate patient simulation means accurate patient monitors

Patient monitoring devices require regular performance checks to ensure they are accurate and meet manufacturers specifications. Rigel has a versatile range of patient simulators to meet your needs, including the UNI-SIM; our 6-in-1 multi parameter simulator. All our patient simulation products are handheld, battery-operated and provide accurate vital signs simulation.

Patient Simulators



Measuring and simulating Vital Signs Guide
Measuring and simulating Vital Signs Guide
Measuring and simulating Vital Signs Guide
Measuring and simulating Vital Signs Guide

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What is patient simulation?
The primary vital signs are clinical measurements that are displayed and recorded across the biomedical field; predominantly on patient monitors. Patient simulation provides accurate mimicking of physiological vital signs to calibrate and test these devices, ensuring patient safety.

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Why perform patient simulation?
Vital signs are crucial in communicating a patient’s condition and severity of a disease to health care clinicians. Patient monitors observe these vital signs continuously and provide warnings in the case of a serious event. It’s important any anomalous vital sign values alert clinicians, and to some extent, provide direct physiological input data to control connected life support devices.

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How to perform patient simulation?
Patient simulation is implemented by following performance verification procedures from medical device manufacturer service manuals. Ideally, a multi-parameter patient simulator is used to test a device in one test sequence, which provides a practical approach to the biomedical technicians. Each parameter has a different method for performance testing.

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