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Electrical Safety Testing

Ensuring patient and operator safety with our portable test solutions

It is crucial that medical equipment is electrically safe for patients and users in a healthcare environment. Biomedical safety testing is paramount at Rigel and our portable, lightweight electrical safety analyzers are fast and accurate; conforming to international and local safety standards.

Our Electrical Safety Testing Solutions

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A Practical Guide to IEC 60601
Download our free guide to IEC 60601 today
A Practical Guide to IEC 60601
Download our free guide to IEC 60601 today

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What is electrical safety testing?
Safety testing ensures the safety of clinicians, visitors or patients who may come in contact with any electrical devices. It is always part of preventative maintenance procedures and is developed to prevent danger to anyone from electric shock. The international standard, IEC 60601-1, states the safety requirements for manufacturers of medical devices but this standard has also been adapted for routine testing of medical devices. However, in-service, recurrent and post repair standards have been developed specifically for a unified approach to routine testing, such as IEC 62353.

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Why perform electrical safety tests?
Electrical safety testing ensures medical equipment (ME) is electrically safe for use in a healthcare environment by testing for breakdown or damage. Medical device safety testing is more stringent when compared with generic electrical devices. Patients are significantly exposed to electrical hazards as they are connected directly to electrical devices. During medical procedures intra-cardiac electrical connections are also present, whereby low leakage currents could cause ventricular fibrillation.

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How to perform electrical safety tests?
Medical electrical safety analysers are developed with measurement circuits to simulate typical impedance and electrical characteristics of the human body. These circuits are referred to as a Body Model and are specified in electrical safety standards, including IEC 60601-1 and 62353.

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