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Citrex H5

Citrex H5

The best mobile test device in its class.

- Displays the ventilation parameters graphically
- Compatible with a large number of gas standards and types
- Updates via Wi-Fi
- Comes with full accessories set

CITREX H5 Gas Flow Analyzer

The CITREX H5 gas flow and pressure gauge offers the most advanced user interface for demanding applications on a high-resolution 4.3 inch multi-touch screen. It is portable, precise and as a user, you can customize the measurement screens to suit your needs.

The CITREX H5 is designed to support you in a variety of daily applications. Thanks to its precision and reliability, you can use the CITREX H5 to test a wide range of medical devices such as respiratory and anesthesia devices, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices.

With the CITREX H5 you always get the full accessories set. It makes your measurement system a powerful and comprehensive package. The meter and accessories are shipped together in handy bag.

Watch the CITREX H5 video below

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Optional Accessories

Technical Specifications

Flow and Pressure Measurements
Flow±300 sL/min ±1.9 %* or ±0.1 L/min (for 10..40°C)**
Measuring bidirectionalyes
Temperature compensatedautomatic
Pressure compensatedautomatic
Humidity compensatedmanually
FlowL/min, L/s, cfm, mL/min, mL/s
Pressurebar, mbar, cmH2O, inH2O, Torr, inHg, hPa, kPa, mmHg, PSI
Ventilation parameter
Breath rate1–1000 bpm ±1 bpm* or ±2.5 %**
Time0.05–60 s ±0.02 s
Ratio1:300–300:1 ±2.5 %*
Ti/Tcyc0–100 % ±5 %*
Breath volume±2 %* or ±0.20 mL (>6 sL/min)**
Tidal volume±10 L ±2 %* or ±0.20 mL (>6 sL/min)**
Minute volume0–300 sL/min ±2.5 %*
Peak flow± 300 sL/min ±1.9 %* or ±0.1 sL/min**
Pressure0–150 mbar ±0.75 %* or ±0.1 mbar**
Compliance0–1000 mL/mbar ±3 %* or ±1 mL/mbar**
The greater tolerance is valid: * Tolerance related to the measured value, ** Absolute tolerance, *** The unit sL/min is based on ambient conditions of 0 °C and 1013.25 mbar (DIN 1343).
High-1–10 bar ±1 %* or ±7 mbar**
Differential±200 mbar ±0.75 %* or ±0.1 mbar**
Flow channel-50–150 mbar ±0.75 %* or ±0.1 mbar**
Atmospheric pressure500–1150 mbar ±1 %* or ±5 mbar**
Other measurements
Oxygen (pressure comp. ≤ 150 mbar)0–100 % ±1 % O2**
Gas temperature0–50°C ±1.75 %* or ±0.5 °C**
Gas typesAir, Air/O2, O2, N2O, N2O/O2, CO2, N2, He/O2
Gas standardsATP, ATPD, ATPS, AP21, STP, STPH, BTPS, BTPS-A, BTPD, BTPD-A, 0/1013, 20/981, 15/1013, 25/991, 20/1013, NTPD, NTPS
General information
Realtime curvesyes
Display4.3'' Multi-Touch (color)
InterfaceRS-232, USB, Ethernet, CAN, Analog Out, TTL, WLAN
Data storageInternal and microSD Card
Power100–240 VAC, 50–60 Hz
Dimension (w x d x h)11.4 x 7 x 7,3 cm
Weight0.52 kg
Battery5 hours
ApprovalsCE, BC (Energy Efficiency for Battery Charging Systems), CSA (North America), IEC 61010-1:2010, IEC 61326- 2:2012


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