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Rigel 62353 Plus Front


Hand-held Electrical Safety Analyzer

- Test to IEC / EN 62353, NFPA-99, AS / NZ 3551 & more
- Built -in electronic data storage
- Flexible user-definable test routines
- Simple PC communication link
- Battery-powered insulation and earth/ground bond tests
- 50/100/250/500V DC insulation testing
- Automatic secondary verification ensures the correct result first time

Battery Powered Testing
Lightweight and portable with battery-powered testing
On-Board Storage
Storage for test records, and customizable sequences and codes
Tests to International Standards
IEC/EN 62353, NFPA-99, and AS/NZS 3551
Earth continuity testing
Features an accurate, high current low power zap circuit

Rigel 62353+ Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Rigel 62353+ is the smallest and most flexible electrical safety analyzer on the market with battery powered earth/ground bond and insulation testing. It provides an accurate and fast solution for testing in accordance with the IEC 62353 safety standard.

Offering a range of tests without the need for mains power, the 62353+ is capable of conducting battery-powered insulation and earth/ground bond testing. This offers complete freedom to move around in often crowded rooms during the installation process, eliminating the inconvenience of trailing mains cables.

The 62353+ has low voltage insulation resistance tests (50V DC and 100V DC) to complement the 250V DC and 500V DC insulation tests that were present in its predecessor, the Rigel 62353. These tests conform to growing manufacturer’s test requirements for increasingly popular equipment running on 24V DC and 48V DC, such as operating tables, lights and mobile X-rays.

Possible Applications for the Rigel 62353+

  • Routine testing of medical electrical equipment
  • Service tool for performance testing
  • Asset management
  • Fast and efficient testing of IEC leads
  • Bond testing on (medical) installations and non-medical equipment

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Optional Accessories

Technical Specifications

Earth Continuity
Method2 wire technique, using 'zero' lead function.
Test Current>+200mA, -200mA DC into 2 ohms
Max Test Voltage4-24V RMS o/c
Measuring Range (low range)0.001 – 0.999 ohms @ 0.001 ohms resolution
Measuring Range (mid range)1.00 – 9.99 ohms /@ 0.01 ohms resolution
Measuring Range (high range)10.0 – 19.9 ohms @ 0.1 ohms resolution
Accuracy± 3% of reading + 10 m ohms
Direct Leakage Measurement
Measuring Range4μA to 9999μA
Accuracy± 5% or reading +2 counts
Measuring DeviceAs per IEC 60601-1 requirements
Measurement TypeTrue RMS
Alternative Leakage Measurements
Test Voltage250V at mains frequency
Test Current3.5 mA current limited
Measurement Range4μA to 9999μA
Measurement Resolution1μA
Measurement Accuracy±5% of reading + 2 counts
Measurement TypeTrue RMS
Measuring DeviceAs per IEC 60601-1
Mains Outlet Test
Input voltage range0-300V AC
Max current16A
MeasuresL – E, N – E
Accuracy± 5% of reading + 2 counts
General Specification
Mains Power230V AC ±10%, 50-60Hz +/- 1Hz, 120V AC ±10%, 60Hz +/- 1Hz (USA model)
Battery6 x 1.5V AA (Batteries not included)
Weights1.6 kg / 3.5 lbs including batteries
Size(L x W x D) 270 x 110 x 75 mm / 10.5 x 4 x 3”
Operating Conditions0'C - 40'C, 32'F - 104'F, 0-90% RH - NC
Storage Environment-15'C - +60'C / 5'F - 140'F
Environmental ProtectionIP 40
Insulation Resistance
MeasurementEUT to earth/ground, EUT to AP, AP to earth/ground
Voltage50 / 100 / 250 & 500V DC @1mA
Range (low range) @ 50V DC0.01Mohms - 10 Mohms
Range (low range) @ Above 50V DC0.01Mohms - 20Mohms
Accuracy (low range)± 5% of reading +2 counts
Range (high range) @ 250V DC20Mohms – 50Mohms
Range (high range) @ 500V DC20Mohms – 100Mohms
Accuracy (high range)±10% +2 counts
Differential Leakage Measurement
Measuring Range75μA to 9999μA
Accuracy±5% of reading + 5 counts
Measurement / display resolution1μA
Measurement TypeTrue RMS
Measuring DeviceFrequency response characteristics to IEC 60601-1
Power Measurement
MethodVA rating
Range0.1kVA – 4kVA
Accuracy±10% + 2 counts
IEC Mains Lead Test
Test DurationIEC Mains Lead Test
TestContinuity of all conductors, Insulation and Polarity
Standard Accessories (supplied with 62353+)
Calibration certificate
Carrying case
Earth/ground bond test probe with clip
Earth/ground bond clip lead
Patient Applied part module
2 Applied part adaptors
Detachable 2 meter mains cable
Electronic instruction manual
Quick start guide
Application software


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