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Electrosurgery Testing

High-performance electrosurgery testing solutions for ESU generators

When it comes to electrosurgical testing, there are three important functional tests; high frequency (HF) leakage, power distribution and return electrode monitoring (REM). Our compact and automated electrosurgical analyser performs these key functional tests accurately, safely and easy through full colour step by step instructions.

Electrosurgical Analyzers


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Electrosurgery Guidance Booklet
Download the electrosurgical guidance booklet for free.
Electrosurgery Guidance Booklet
Download the electrosurgical guidance booklet for free.

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What is electrosurgery?
Electrosurgical units (ESUs) are a crucial piece of equipment in operation rooms, used in 85% of all surgeries. These units use high frequency currents to generate heat and manipulate human tissue. Electrosurgery testing ensures patient safety, due to the high risks that are associated with high frequency electrical current and the human body. Periodic testing is an IEC 60601-2-2 requirement and manufacturers typically recommend 6-12 month test intervals. The procedure typically involves electrical safety tests, visual inspections and performance tests.

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Why do you need to test electrosurgical units?
The proper performance of ESUs is vital in ensuring the safety of patients and the management of hazards related to high frequency (HF) electrical current. ESUs must adhere to the performance and safety parameters of IEC 60601-2-2, which will be stated in the manufacturer’s service manuals. Regular testing at periodic intervals ensures that these units adhere to these requirements and are safe to use.

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How do you test electrosurgical units?
Performance testing of electrosurgical units (ESUs) relies predominantly on three crucial tests. HF Power tests measure the output current, voltage, wattage and crest factor using a series of variable loads. Checks are almost always carried out on available modes and maximum power. The performance schedule from the manufacturer will state which loads are required, plus any additional power levels. Specifications for output power are usually around +/-10%.

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