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Rigel Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyzer front


The compact and small foot print Rigel Uni-Therm automates all ESU related performance tests.

- High current test capability up to 6 Ampere RMS
- Non-inductive loadbank from 0 - 5115Ω
- All IEC 60601-2-2 leakage tests
- Onscreen power profile analysis
- Onboard automation and data capture
- Full colour user-interface

Test Automation
Automatic manufacturer specific test procedures
Power Profiles
Onscreen power profile analysis
Bluetooth Enabled
Wireless data upload and download
Large Colour Screen
Full colour screen user interface

Rigel Uni-Therm High Current Electrosurgical Analyzer

The high performance Rigel Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyzer accurately measures the performance of electrosurgical generators including high frequency leakage, high current, power distribution and patient return plate alarm testing.

Compliant with IEC 60601-2-2, the Uni-Therm electrosurgical analyzer is capable of verifying and calibrating all major electrosurgical generators whilst guiding the user through all test procedures automatically and most of all safe.

A unique high power low inductance load bank enables performance testing up to 8 ampere RMS with a duty cycle of up to 100% making the analyzer an extremely versatile test instrument for calibrating and performance testing of conventional and high power electrosurgical generators. The load bank allows testing in a range of 0-5115Ω with a resolution of over 1000 steps providing high detailed power profiles. The Rigel Uni-Therm also advocates safe working practise by providing all necessary resistors within a single enclosure.

Return electrode monitoring capability can be performed both manaully as well as automatic. A high accuracy potentiometer provides testing within 1Ω resolution, ideal when testing alarm settings based on impedance variance.

Product features include onboard memory, test automation, comprehensive data management facilities and a wide range of in-built resistors, while a large full colour screen displays easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions to ensure the correct connection to the device under test.

Output waveforms can be examined through a built-in scope output which allows for easy confirmation of the desired waveform shape.

The Uni-Therm high performance electrosurgical analyzer forms part of a comprehensive range of high performance specialist biomedical test equipment supplied by Rigel Medical.

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Optional Accessories

Technical Specifications

Power measurementTrue RMS value of applied waveform
Power rating0 - 500W (RMS)
Accuracy±(2% of reading +10mA)
Duty cycle100% up to 60 seconds
Load bank0 - 5115Ω
Voltage (peak)0 - 10kV (Peak) - Closed load only
Voltage0 - 700V (RMS)
Current0 - 6000mA (RMS)
Crest Factor1.4 - 20 (Vpeak / V RMS) The higher of the two peak voltage measurements is used for calculation
RF Leakage (High Frequency Leakage)
ActiveFrom active part to earth
PassiveFrom plate - receptacle - to earth
Variable see power measurement Fixed 2 x 200ΩLoad
Output Connectors
Remote foot switch control (CUT)2 x 4mm - yellow, single relay contact
Remote foot switch control (COAG)2 x 4mm - blue, single relay contact
High Frequency leakage and power measurementsThrough 4mm sockets
USBPC download / Future PC software
Oscilloscope output5V/A, 100mA RF current minimum input
Low Frequency Filter
100 Hz filter to avoid low-frequency disturbance or interference
General Specifications
Dimensions370 X 300 X 204mm
Weight10 kg
Operating temperature15 °C to 40 °C
Storage temperature0 °C to 50 °C
Mains power120/230 VAC +10%; 48 to 66 Hz, 35 VA
RMS Bandwidth
Instrumentation only30 Hz to 10 MHz (-3 dB)
With loads:30 Hz to 2.5 MHz (-3 dB)
Variable loads0 - 5115Ω, steps @ 5Ω (1023 steps)
Accuracy1% of R
Load arrayCeramic resistors (Non inductive)
Measurement delayFoot switch delay selectable between 200 - 5000ms (10mSec resolution)
Return Electrode Monitoring
Range1- 475Ω, steps @ 1Ω steps Motor driven potentiometer
Alarm registerHigh and low, manual confirmation
RangingManual or automatic
10kV Isolation between measurement device and enclosure
Storage and Recall
MemoryApprox 5,000 records
OutputCSV and SSS format


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