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What’s the process for cloning Rigel 288+/62353+ data?

This guide will take you through the steps required to Clone Rigel 288+/62353+ data. This feature can be used to transfer, store and copy the current Test Sequences and Codes to/from a PC and to configure a number of Rigel 288+/62353+ units with identical Test Sequences. However, it will not transfer test results only sequences and the overall setup of the Rigel 288+/62353+. Due to the amount of data transferred, the Clone download takes longer than the Configuration Data transfer.


Equipment required

- Rigel 288+/62353+

- PC/Laptop with either Bluetooth connectivity (288+ only) or RS 232

- DataTransfer.exe program for file transfer (download from Rigelmedical.com)


Transfer Cloned Data

In order to Clone data from your Rigel 288+/62353+/62353 and to use the cloned data on another Rigel 288+/62353+ you need to first transfer the cloned records to a PC:

1) Switch on the Rigel 288+/62353+ which you what to Clone the data from.

2) Either connect the RS232 Cable or make sure the PC and Rigel 288+ are paired via Bluetooth Favourites on the Rigel 288+.

3) Then press F4.

4) Using the up and down keys or short key D select Data Transfer.

5) Using the up and down keys or short key L select Clone Data.

6) Open the DataTransfer.exe application on your PC

7) Click on Capture, select Start capture (See Figure 1) and save the clone file as a text or csv file.


Figure 1.  Start capture on Data transfer program 

8) Then on the Rigel 288+/62353+ press F4 Send. This process can take approximately 3-4minutes.

9) Once the transfer is complete select Capture and then Stop capture on the DataTransfer.exe. This will save the cloned file onto the PC. The Cloned data from the PC can then be transferred onto additional Rigel 288+/62353+ devices or stored on the PC for future use.


To add the cloned data to the host Rigel 288+/62353+:

1) Pair the 288+ with the PC.

2) Press F4 .

3) Using the up and down keys or short key D select Data Transfer.

4) Using the up and down keys or short key L select Clone Data.

5) Then click Receive on the 288+.

6) Open data transfer.exe on the PC.

7) Select File then Send File and select the original clone file. A progress bar will follow the data transfer until download is complete which can take approximately 4-5minutes.


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