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What tests are available on the Rigel 288+?

The Rigel 288+ has pre-programmed test sequences and limits for:

• IEC 60601 – class 1

• IEC 60601 – class 2

• IEC 62353 Direct method

• IEC 62353 Differential method

• IEC 62353 Alternative method

• NFPA -99 – class 1 (USA model only)

• NFPA -99 – class 2 (USA model only)

• AS/NZS 3551 class 1 (Australian version only)

• AS/NZS 3551 class 2 (Australian version only)


Depending on the class of equipment, the Rigel 288 plus can perform:

• Earth bond*

• Insulation (500V, 250V, 100V and 50V)

* Using unique patented technology proving hi-current test capability


Specific to IEC 60601-1 / AS/NSZ 3551;

• Earth Leakage

• Enclosure Leakage

• Patient Leakage

• Patient Auxiliary

• Patient F-type


Specific to IEC 62353 – VDE 0751;

• Equipment Leakage (Direct, Differential and Alternative Method)

• Applied Part Leakage (Direct and Alternative Method)

• Specific to AAMI & NFPA;

• Patient Leakage AP-GND

• Patient Leakage AP-CASE

• Patient Leakage AP- AP

• Patient Leakage AP- ALL (AAMI / NFPA)


All Single Fault conditions will be performed automatically as applicable to the tests.

In addition, the user can create custom tests by using the edit function on the tester. This does not require a PC and is straight forward thanks to the large graphic display and menu settings.


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