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How do I use Multi-Flo in Remote Control mode on Med-eBase?

To use the remote control mode the user will need to install the Gadget Serial V2.4 Driver. The Gadget serial driver is available at rigelmedical.com in the download section. To install the gadget serial driver the Multi-Flo needs to be turned on and connected to the PC using the USB serial cable.

Equipment required:

- Multi-Flo

- PC running Med-eBase V2.4 or higher

- Gadget serial driver install files

- USB Serial cable or memory stick

1) On the Multi-Flo menu scroll down and select remote control mode. The Multi-Flo will then try to connect with the PC.

2) The PC will attempt to download the install drivers for the gadget serial. As the driver is located on the PC and cannot be found on the internet this step is not required. Click on the icon when it appears as seen below.

3) Select “skip obtaining driver software” which is blue and underlined to stop widows looking for driver as the Rigel device won’t be able to connect to the PC while the computer is performing this task. Select yes on the driver software installation screen to skip the driver update.

4) Once this is complete open the Control Panel and go to ‘Devices and Printers’. The gadget serial will be an unspecified device. Right click on the gadget serial and select properties.

5) In the General tab select Update Drivers and then choose ‘Browse my computer for driver software’.

6) Select the folder where the gadget serial files are located. Select Ok to choose the folder and then next.

7) Once the driver is installed select next and then close the Control Panel.

To confirm the gadget serial driver is installed correctly:

8) Open Med-eBase V2.4making sure the Multi-Flo is connected and in Remote Control Mode.

9) On Med-eBase select ‘Download from Tester’ by either selecting Tools > Download or the icon.

10) Choose Multi-Flo as the instrument type and then select Gadget serial as the COM port.

Note: If Med-eBase was open while installing the gadget serial driver the user may be required to close Med-eBase and reopen it or Rescan

COM ports to locate the gadget serial.


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