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What's the process for customising Med-eBase certificates?

1) All certificates are located in: C:\ProgramData\Rigel\Med-eBase V2\Certificates\Templates for Windows 7 and Windows 10. 

Note: ProgramData may be hidden folders. To view this folder in Windows 7 go to Organize then Folder, select the View tab and “Show hidden files and folders”, click Apply and then Ok. In Windows 10 select View, Options then select the view tab.  Select “Show hidden files and folders”, click apply then OK. 

2) Then select the relevant tester type folder e.g. Rigel 288_62353 (See Figure 1) and copy the relevant report folder e.g. _default (en).


Figure 1: Folder select for customised certificates

3) The copied folder needs to be renamed with a relevant name as this is what will appear on the dropdown list of certificate templates to choose from in Med-eBase E.g. "Customised", as shown in Figure 2. 

Figure 2: Example of a customised folder 

Note: If the customised template folder is not renamed it could be overwritten when new versions of Med-eBase are installed.

4) Select the copied folder and then open the file in either notepad or notepad++ to enable editing

Note: Notepad ++ provides an easier layout to follow as is an open source program which can be download from the internet.

5) Select Ctrl F and find the title which you want to customise. e.g. test protocol. However you can ONLY edit words with the character string "label"> :</p> and the new phase is entered in between the arrows. On Notepad ++ changeable these words are in black (See Figure 3). 

Notice: On notepad ++ do not change any words in GREEN (See Figure 4) as this is information that comes from the Rigel tester. If this is changed the information will not be transferred from the results onto the certificate


Figure 3: Title customisation 


Figure 4: Notepad++ word editing

6) Then open Med-eBase, select the test asset you want to print and then select the print icon. This takes you to the certificate screen where the dropdown menu for templates should include your customised template



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