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How do I upload ‘O Curves’ onto Med-eBase?

To add an ‘O Curve’ onto the Med-eBase V2 software you will need to add the ‘O Curve’ to a folder structure which is outside of Med-eBase.

1) For Windows 7 and 10: Go to C:\ProgramData\Rigel\Med-eBase V2\OCurves

Note: ProgramData may be hidden folders. To view this folder in Windows 7 go to Organize then Folder, select the View tab and “Show hidden files and folders”, click Apply and then Ok. In Windows 10 select View, Options then select the view tab.  Select “Show hidden files and folders”, click apply then OK. 

2) The original csv file used to download the ‘O Curve’ onto the Uni/BP Sim needs to be altered by erasing lines 1 to 4. Then the csv file needs to be saved in the follow folder structure which is critical for loading ‘O Curves’ onto Med-eBase:

<Monitor Type name> e.g. Datascope Passport 2. These folder names will be shown in the Monitor Type drop down list in Med-eBase


<Infant> These folders will contain the csv file for Adult or Infant curves

<CSV files> Each curve should be saved using the format of Systolic and Diastolic values as 3 digits e.g.


3) Re-open Med-eBase V2 and click on Tools, then Global Test Sequences and then New.

4) Then select BP/Uni Sim and enter the name of the new test sequence.

5) Add… then select ‘NIBP Test Setting’, click on the + and there will be a drop down list in Monitor Type field where you can select your ‘O Curve’.

6) Then in the Adult/Infant field select the type of patient and the chose the Systolic/Diastolic field to select the exact ‘O Curve’ you want to add to the test sequence.


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