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Rigel 288+ Downloader

288 Plus Downloader

Transfer medical safety test results straight to your android device

The Rigel 288+ Downloader App

The Rigel 288+ Downloader is an app built to make paperless and wireless data transfer possible for biomedical and clinical engineers performing electrical safety tests, using just a smartphone or tablet.

The app works by generating a PDF containing the test data that can be saved, printed or sent via email and attached to a works order. It gives field service engineers the ability to remotely send test records to an email address so they can be stored to a central database or a CMMS.

Rigel 288+ Downloader is the ideal solution for field testers looking to make their recording processes even more efficient.

Rigel 288+ Downloader App FAQs

How much does it cost?

The Rigel 288+ downloader app is free – with no hidden add-ons.

What is the file download size in the app store?

15 megabytes (MB)

Is Rigel 288+ Downloader app available on Android and iOS?

Rigel 288+ Downloader is currently only available to download on Google Play (Android).

What are the requirements to use the Rigel 288+ Downloader app?

Rigel 288+ Downloader is only compatible with a Rigel 288+ and can be used on phones with Android 5.0 or higher installed.

Which countries and languages is Rigel 288+ Downloader available in?

Rigel 288+ Downloader is available worldwide and available in English, French, German, Italian, Polish, and Spanish.

How easy is it to use?

Rigel 288+ Downloader is very easy to use.

Pair your android device as a Bluetooth favorite in your 288+.

To download ALL your test results to one PDF document, go to the Data Transfer menu in your 288+, select ‘Download to PC’, choose ‘CSV full’ as the format, and ensure your computer is selected as your paired device. Once connected, press F4 to send your data straight to the app.

To download a single test record, go to ‘View data’, press F1, enter the criteria to filter the search (asset ID, date tested etc.), press F4 and then F2 to download to your computer.

Where is the data stored?

Data collected by Rigel 288+ Downloader is stored in your phone or tablet’s memory. Find the files in My files > Internal storage > Rigel.

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