Simple, robust and cost-effective

The NEW entry-level electrical safety analyzer for medical equipment

The Rigel SafeTest 60 Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Rigel SafeTest 60 is a robust, reliable and dedicated medical safety analyzer. It is ideal for testing high volumes of medical and laboratory equipment that does not require patient lead testing, such as beds, hoists, infusion pumps, CPAP’s and centrifuges etc.

With a large colour display and a colour-coded user interface, it’s easy to select the required tests with a single key press, whilst a fast step-through of the test routine makes the testing process speedy and dependable

Ideal for:

  • Those involved in testing medical equipment that do not require patient lead testing (e.g. medical beds, operating tables, infusion pumps, hoists, CPAP’s, suction pumps, dentist chairs, medical scales, homecare equipment).
  • Engineers testing on laboratory equipment and white / brown goods in medical environments
Rigel Safetest 60 Electrical Safety Analyzer

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A strong and durable handheld safety analyser, the SafeTest 60 can endure even the most rigorous of testing regimes.

The SafeTest 60 is so simple to use that no specific training is required. It is supplied with a protective carry case to ensure easy storage and transportation from one location to another

Simplicity is key in ensuring the SafeTest 60 delivers fast and reliable safety testing.

The SafeTest 60 is packed with a range of tests to help you to comply with different standards, including leakage testing to IEC 60601, 62353, 61010 and NFPA-99, earth bond testing to IEC 62353, 61010 and NFPA-99 requirements and insulation testing to IEC 62353

Full manual control offers the benefit of executing only those specific tests that are required and provide the user with full control of the power cycles, making testing simple, easy and fast

In certain local markets and for testing certain electrical goods, insulation testing is a must-have requirement. Simple and quick testing of insulation resistance will ensure local or specific requirements are met and can show potential deterioration in dielectrics or show possible neutral-to-earth faults.

The large colour display is visible even in poor light and from a distance, making it the ideal analyser for dark or even very light conditions

A reversed colour display means that the screen can be used in dark rooms without being too disruptive to patients, and with reduced screen glare

Rigel's unique bond technology, gives accurate and precise readings, saving time and unnecessary replacement of good mains cables. Measurements are still conducted at 200mA to ensure mechanical wear is being identified.

Get the correct results first time and avoid time consuming re-tests with Rigel’s unique and automated verification of incoming mains configuration and secondary paths, which result in false positives.

The Rigel SafeTest 60 is a truly global product, available in the widest possible range of mains configurations to meet local requirements across the globe. Please contact us at to enquire about the available mains configuration for your area.

  • USA, 120V, 20A
  • USA, 240V, 15A
  • Schuko Germany, 230V
  • UK, 230V
  • Schuko France/Poland, 230V
  • China, 220V
  • India/South Africa, 220V
  • Japan, 100V
  • Australia/New Zealand, 10A/230V

Also operates on any mains supply between 90-264V, 48-68Hz

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