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Rigel Medical’s Uni-Therm Measures Up For Electrosurgical Device Testing


Compliant with IEC 60601-2-2* and fully compatible with products from the leading electrosurgical device manufacturers such as Olympus KeyMed, Erbe, Bowa, Eschmann and Covidien, the Uni-Therm from Rigel Medical verifies and calibrates all major electrosurgical generators while guiding the user through all test procedures quickly, automatically and all safely.

The instrument measures high frequency leakage, (high) current, power distribution and patient return plate alarm testing. A high power load bank enables performance testing up to 8A RMS to allow testing and calibration of high current vessel sealing technologies and with a duty cycle of up to 100%, making the analyser an extremely versatile test instrument for calibrating and performance testing of conventional and high power electrosurgical generators.

The large array of internal resistors, ranging from 0 - 5115Ω, in 5Ω steps, offer not only extremely accurate and detailed power curves but also safe working practise by providing all necessary resistors within a single enclosure.

Testing of patient plate contact quality monitoring (CQM) is carried out using a rotary encoder, which also controls the potentiometer, scaling up and down in manual or automatic mode to capture the alarm using the on-screen dedicated fast key. Data can be stored onboard for future traceability.

Product features include built-in memory, test automation, comprehensive data management facilities and a wide range of in-built low inductance resistors, while a large full colour screen displays step-by-step instructions to ensure the correct connection to the device under test.

Bluetooth-enabled technology allows wireless connectivity to PCs and other equipment for the fast and convenient downloading of test data and the uploading of the electrosurgical device’s power curves and the manufacturer’s test specific programmes. Output waveforms can be examined through a built-in scope output which allows for easy confirmation of the desired waveform shape.

Rigel Medical has produced a guide to electrosurgical testing which is available in April 2013. To obtain a free copy of the guidance booklet email pulse@rigelmedical.com. The Uni-Therm high performance electrosurgical analyser also forms part of a comprehensive range of high performance specialist biomedical test equipment supplied by Rigel Medical.

* IEC 60601-2-2 specifies the requirements for the safety of high frequency surgical equipment and HF surgical accessories used in medical practice.

Read more about the Uni-Therm high performance electrosurgical analyser.

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