Rigel Medical Asset Management Software

  • Single and network licence
  • Data comparison alerts
  • Tester configuration
  • SQL database structure
  • Custom test certificates
  • Tester configuration
  • Asset library functions
  • Third party communication
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Rigel Med-eBase software incorporates a number of special features not previously associated with the recording and management of electrical and functional safety testing data.

This new program facilitates the production of a comprehensive series of advanced results and data reports including comparison alert function. A unique option to store your data on a local or remote database structure and an exceptional layout makes the system easy to use, with very little training required.

The Med-eBase Software can use both local and remote databases. A local database requires no database server to be installed while a remote database can allow multiple users to access the same data simultaneously.

Med-eBase software allows the user to easily manage the test data to and from the Rigel Medical test equipment range (288, BP-Sim, SP-Sim, Uni-Sim). Sort functions, comparison of test results combined with database functions will allow the user to upload to Rigel Medical products for fast re-testing of stored assets.

Med-eBase stores all traceable data coming from our Rigel Medical testers in an SQL database including: manufacturer name, model, serial number, asset description, site and location, service code, user name, test data and test sequence.

This provides a complete record system of electrical safety and functional test data directly from Rigel Medical products without the need to duplicate or replicate data entry.

The network version allows users to store test results centrally and gives users access to one database which holds the data safely and securely on a remote location.

Key Features

  • Third party communication.
  • Compatible with Rigel Safety Simulator Range and Functional Testers.
  • Professional Certificate printing and PDF generation.
  • Storage for both performance and Safety tests under the same Asset.
  • On screen Graphs and Waveform for the Multiflo & Unipulse 400.
  • Client or location based results storage.
  • Results Comparison (Allowing the user to monitor the degradation of equipment).
  • Upload facility (enabling and ensuring the correct and appropriate test procedure is carried out every year).
  • Test Sequence creation to help standardise procedures.
  • Easily monitor items that are due and overdue testing.
  • Remote access enabling several engineers to download into the same database. (network compatible)
  • Export data as CSV.
  • View cut/coag and polar/bipolar test results using the Uni-Therm Electrosurgical Analyzer.
  • Calculate pressure accurately using the Multi-Flo Infusion Pump Analyzer.


Technical Specification:

Product Includes
Med-eBase installer disced-eBase installer disc
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 - Express Edition
Instruction manual
System Requirements
IBM Compatible PC
Processor Speed 1GHz or higher
Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista & Windows 7
32 & 64-bit Operating Systems
150MB available hard disk space
Colour monitor with 32 bit colour or greater video card
CD ROM drive
Supported Databases
Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008
Part Number

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