VenTest 800 Series

High-performance gas flow analyzers for ventilator measurement and calibration

  • All-in-one gas flow analyzer
  • Measures and calculates all common respiratory parameters
  • Built-in data storage
  • Portable with battery operation

We are currently experiencing high demand for our Ventest 800 ventilator analyzer range. We are working hard to offer our customers the best service we can. Thank you for your continued patience and support.

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Rigel VenTest 800 Series

  • VenTest 800
    The standard model for universal applications
  • VenTest 810 VAC
    Includes an additional sensor for vacuum measurements up to +/-1 bar
  • VenTest 820 LOW
    Includes an additional sensor measuring minimal pressures up to 5 mbar

Measuring your pneumatic equipment for reliability and precision with a dependable calibration tool is critical in avoiding fatal errors. Precision and reliability are exactly what the VenTest Series provides.

The VenTest measures flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations bi-directionally. The adult, pediatric and high-frequency ventilation measuring modes make the VenTest the ideal calibration tool for all ventilators, anesthesia machines and spirometers.

The VenTest distinguishes itself from other calibration tools by combining a simple, intuitive multilingual user interface with the most precise sensor technology.

Key features the VenTest 800 Series

bullet point All-in-one analyzer
bullet point Measures and calculates all common respiratory parameters
bullet point Compatible with gas standards and gas type
bullet point Built-in data storage with optional software for total traceability
bullet point USB, RS-232 and external trigger interface
bullet point Portable with battery operation
bullet point Instant gas concentration measurements with optional MultiGasAnalyser™ OR-703

With the push of a button, all measured values can be stored directly on the VenTest and later retrieved for documentation purposes. Optional FlowLab™ software provides a simple and useful tool to analyze all ventilation parameters including real time flow / pressure curves, functional zoom and certification papers.

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Ventilator Analysis Test Functions:

bullet point Bidirectional flow
bullet point High and low pressure
bullet point Differential and barometric pressure
bullet point Oxygen concentration
bullet point Temperature
bullet point Dew point
bullet point 7 anesthetic gas concentrations (with OR-703)
bullet point Respiratory parameters including; rate, time Ti, Te, I:E ratio, Ti:Ttotal ratio, breadth volumes Vti, Vte, minute volumes Vi, Ve, pressure Ppeak, Pmean, PEEP, Pplateau, Peak flow, Compliance and Adult, pediatric and HFO trigger


VenTest 800 Gas Analyzer

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Please note: The 2019 version of the VenTest Series does not feature an ethernet port or the earth bolt on the back of the device.

Rigel VenTest 800 Series

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VenTest Series General Specifications

Electrical & Physical Data
AC Input 90 - 260VAC, 50-60Hz
Battery (Lead Rechargeable Battery) 3 hrs (with OR-703 2 hrs)
Power Consumption 23VA
Weight 3.7kg / 8lbs
Dimensions (W x D x H) 22 x 25 x 12cm / 7 x 10 x 5”
Data Storage
All parameters (measured as well as respiratory values)
Graphic Display Intuitive user interface with numerical measuring values, statistics, volume trigger configuration, gas type selection and calibration menus
RT-200 Emulation Mode
Simulates RT-200 style commands over the RS-232 interface
Communication Interfaces

USB for Windows Software FlowLab™, RS-232 for individual communication, TTL for external trigger and TSI4000 Protocol

Please note: The 2019 version of the VenTest Series does not feature an ethernet port or the earth bolt on the back of the device.


Ambient Temperature 15 - 40°C (59 - 104°F)
Humidity 10% - 90% RH not condensing
Air Pressure 700 - 1060 mbar
Storage and Transport Temperature -10–60°C
Humidity 5 - 95% RH
Approvals CE, CSA
Service & Warranty
VenTest comes with a standard 12 month warranty

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Standard Accessories (Supplied with VenTest)
  • Adapter Set
  • Carry Case
Optional Accessories available
  • MultiGasAnalyser TM OR-703 (800A942)
  • SmartLungTM Adult (800A948)
  • SmartLungTM Infant (800A950)
  • FlowLabTM (800A953)
Optional Accessory kits available
  • Standard Kit Contains:
  • VenTest 800, 810 or 820 unit
  • SmartLung™ Adult
  • FlowLab™ software
  • Elite Kit Contains:
  • VenTest 800, 810 or 820 unit
  • OR-703 MultiGasAnalyser™
  • SmartLung™ Adult
  • FlowLab™ software
Part Numbers
VenTest 800 800A9311
VenTest 810 800A9321
VenTest 820 800A9331
VenTest 800 Standard kit 800A9251
VenTest 810 Standard kit 800A9261
VenTest 820 Standard kit 800A9271
VenTest 800 Elite kit 800A9281
VenTest 810 Elite kit 800A9291
VenTest 820 Elite kit 800A9301

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