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How do I clear the Multi-Flo of contaminants?

If the Multi-Flo is used with distilled or deionised water without Micro-90 additive, some contamination of the fluid path may occur over time. In order to maintain optimum measurement performance the following procedure should be used to clean the Mullti-Flo:

After prolonged storage

After 3 months of normal use

Immediately after accidental contamination with unauthorised test fluids

Each Multi-Flo channel should be cleaned as follows:

a. Prepare a solution of deonised/distilled water with 0.1% Micro-90 cleaning solution. 
b. Fill a disposable 60 ml syringe with the cleaning solution and connect the syringe to the Multi-Flo inlet.
c. Connect a suitable container to the Multi-Flo drain.
d. Switch on the Multi-Flo.
e. Inject the cleaning solution into the Multi-Flo channel to be cleaned.
f. Leave for approximately 10 minutes.
g. Flush the Multi-Flo channel with 100 ml of deionised or distilled water at a rate of 200ml/hr.
h. Repeat steps 1 to 6 for each Multi-Flo channel.

Maintenances spares

Replacement priming kit: Part number 385A951

MICRO-90 Concentrated Cleaning Solution (1 litre): Part number 3854952

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