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How do I prime the Multi-Flo?

The Multi-Flo must be primed to fill the internal fluid path with test fluid and remove all air in order to provide accurate measurements. Optimum priming can be achieved using the supplied 3 port valve supplied with the Multi-Flo and a 60 ml syringe.
Follow the steps below to prime the Multi-Flo:

a. Ensure that the 3-portvalve is in the prime position as shownin figure 1 (see next page) then connect it to a Multi-Flo channel inlet.
b. Switch on the Multi-Flo.
c. Fill a clean 60 ml syringe with test fluid.
d. Ensure that all air is removed from the syringe.
e. Connect the syringe to the 3-port valve as shown in figure 1 (see next page).
f. Slowly discharge the syringe into the Multi-Flo until no air bubbles appear in the Multi-Flo drain.
g. If air bubbles are still appearing in the Multi-Flo drain when the syringe has been fully discharged
repeat steps c to f.
h. When no air bubbles are present in the Multi-Flo drain, the system is ready to make measurements.
i. Turn the 3-port valve to the position shownin figure 2 (see next page).

Note: The Multi-Flo measurement device will rotate as the priming fluid is injected


Figure 1

Figure 2

Making measurements:

Always use a new disposable syringe whentesting a syringe pump.It is advisable to lubricate the syringe
by drawing on the plunger a few times before loading the syringe with test fluid and installing it in the

Note: Administration sets which may have been used with saline or dextrose solution should not be used
with the Multi-Flo unless thoroughly cleaned beforehand.

After priming the Multi-Flo connect an administration set between the device under test and the 3-port valve as shownin figure 2.
Prime the device under test, administration set and 3-port valve with test fluid according to the manufacturer's instructions for the device under test.

When there is no air in the device under test and administration set the system is fully primed and ready to make measurements.

Turn the 3-port valve to the position shownin figure 3 to direct the flow from the device undertest to the Multi-Flo inlet.

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