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How do I use the variable load box?

The Variable load box allows the user to select different load settings for measuring the energy characteristics of a defibrillator under different patient (load) conditions as is required by IEC 60601-2-4. 
Connect the variable load box to the defibrillator analyser using the black, red and grey connectors on the back panel:

When used in combination with the Rigel UNI-PULSE, the grey wire is the sense cable and will allow the UNI-PULSE to measure the set resistance to help avoid incorrect test setup. 
Selecting the right resistance: 
Use the supplied jumpers to select the required resistance. Bear in mind that the two COM connections (blue and black) are part of the setup and must correspond in colour with the selected load resistance as shown below for example 100 Ohm (black) and 75 Ohm (blue): 

The selected resistance of the variable load box will appear on the UNI-PULSE when the OHM button is pressed;  


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