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How do you upgrade the firmware on the Uni-Therm?

The Rigel Uni-Therm is designed to allow service agents and users to easily upgrade the firmware by using the internet to download the latest firmware. The firmware can then be installed using a USB stick.

The required upgrade firmware can be found on the rigelmedical.com website.

Note: When downloading firmware from the Rigel medical website, the downloaded file is a self-extracting .exe which will produce the required file.

Equipment required:

- Uni-Therm(or Rigel 377+)

- Uni-Therm Manual

- USBmemory stick.

- Uni-Therm (unitherm_firmware_update_AXX.tar.bz2

- OR Rigel 377+ (esa377plus_firmware_update_AXX.tar.bz2

Note: XX is any number which varies with each new release.

1) Refer to the user manual to identify the F1 and F2 function keys.

2) Copy the firmware onto a USB stick in the correct file format (tar.bz2).

3) Press and hold F1 for 15 seconds, while switching on the Rigel Uni-Therm/377 +.

4) Follow on screen instructions, Press F2.

5) Insert the USB memory stick containing a single copy of the firmware upgrade into the Rigel Uni-Therm/377 + USB port.

6) Press F1; wait while the firmware is updated.

7) Rigel Uni-Therm/377 + will then show the message:

Update complete, restart the system or press F1 to return to the main screen

8) Switch off Rigel Uni-Therm/377 +

9) Remove USB memory stick

10) Restart the Uni-Therm(or Rigel 377+) in normal mode

Note: To obtain the latest firmware, the Rigel Uni-Therm will need to be registered. This will also provide automatic upgrade alerts to theuser.


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