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Can I create and upload test sequences for the 288+ on Med-eBase?

The Global test sequence function allows the user to create test sequences on Med-eBase rather than on the device itself and then upload it onto the device. It lets you save the sequence on Med-eBase and can therefore be uploaded onto multiple Rigel 288+ devices for example.

On Med-eBase:

1) On Med-eBase there is two ways to create a global test sequence from the top left menu go to Tools > Global test Sequence or the global test sequence icon on the task bar.

2) From the Global Test Sequence Menu select New.

3) Select new and a screen appear to allow the user to create the sequence after choosing the device and standard (if applicable).

4) For example a Rigel 288+ test sequence could look like the sequence below.

5) Use the Add button to add an additional test and the Use the move up/move down icons allow the user to

customise the test order. The + icon at the end of each individual test to open the test options. This allows you to change limits (if required), timings and number of tests etc.

6) Once you have created your sequence confirm by selecting OK. You will redirect back to the global test sequence menu where you ‘New’ sequence should be located. From this menu you can highlight the sequence and select Upload to send the sequence to your Rigel 288+.

7) The standard upload/download menu appears. And the user needs to confirm the device, baud rate and COM port. Once confirmed select OK.

On the Rigel 288+:

8) Select F4 from the Main Menu.

9) Select D or Data Transfer and then U Upload from PC.

10) An hour glass appears in the right hand corner while the Rigel device pairs with the PC Bluetooth and should turn to a Bluetooth sign when it is connected.

11) F4 Send to send data to the tester.

12) Once the download has started, a progress bar will appear

13) Upon completion of the upload, the summary window will be displayed


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