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How do you upload an R-Curve to Uni-Sim and SP-Sim?

Items Required

1. PC with Bluetooth connectivity

2. Calibrated Uni-Sim or SP-Sim

3. R-Curve .csv file

4. Data Transfer software (available as a download from www.rigelmedical.com)


Setting up the Uni-Sim or SP-Sim

Set the PC being used to be the default computer in the Bluetooth Favourites of the Uni-Sim or SP-SIM. The Bluetooth favourites section of the Uni-Sim/SP-Sim User Manual refers.

Uploading the R-Curve

In order to get the new R-Curve into the Uni-Sim/SP-Sim, switch on the unit and select (F4). Scroll down to Data Transfer and press the Right Arrow button. Scroll down to Configuration Data and press (F4).


At this point the Uni-Sim/SP-Sim will attempt to make a Bluetooth connection to the PC. 

Once a connection is made the screen above will be seen. At this point start the Data Transfer software on the PC. Select File and Send File. Change the Files of Type to All Files and Select the .csv file to be transferred and hit Open. The file will be transferred in around 2 seconds. The Uni-Sim/SP-Sim will show Valid Data Received. Press (F3) to return to the main screen.

Testing the new ‘R Curve’

The new ‘R Curve’ can be selected by pressing SPO2 followed by (F4) to select SPO2 Test Settings. Use the arrow buttons to select the new curve type and the SPO2, heart rate, skin colour and skin perfusion values. Press (F4) when complete. Press the Green Start button and then start the monitor reading.


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