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How do I edit entries from the Asset Trace Variables lists?

This application note explains how to delete the drop down list entries for Asset Trace Variables and User comments etc. You need to send the configuration data to the PC and then open the file and delete the appropriate fields and then send the file back to the 288+ or other device.

Equipment required

- Rigel 288+/62353+/Uni-Sim

- PC

- Data transfer program

Pair the Rigel device with PC via Bluetooth

Firstly the unit must be paired to the PC

1) Select F4 and then Setup and Bluetooth Favourites

2) Scroll to the device type you are attempting to connect to (Barcode, Printer or Computer) and press F3 for set up.

3) Select F1 to search for Bluetooth devices and your device should appear in the New field

4) Select F3 to add this device then F4 to save the changes and return to the Bluetooth Favourites menu making sure your device is now in the correct field.

Transfer Configuration Data to PC

1) On the Rigel go to F4 , Data Transfer and Configuration Data

2) Open the data transfer program and select Capture and then Start Capture.

3) Then save the file with an appropriate name and select OK.

4) Back on the Rigel select Send. Data will appear on the data transfer screen while it is transferred.

5) Once the data is sent go to Capture and Stop Capture on the PC. This will save the file.

Editing the Trace entries

1) Open the saved file

2) Delete or Edit the required fields. The [TRACE Number] indicates an Asset Trace Variable which is activated on the Rigel device.

3) To confirm what asset each Trace number corresponds to you will need to go to F4, Setup, Asset Trace Variables and going from the top downwards any field with a YES indicates a trace starting with Trace 1 on the configuration file e.g. I do not have a service code activated and only have site and location. Therefore site is [TRACE 1] and Location is [TRACE 2].

Note: Do not edit or delete fields within brackets [Example]. There is a limit of 40 entries for each Trace asset. Adding more than 40 into the file will mean that only the last 40 entries will be transferred back onto the Rigel 288.

4) Once complete save the file

Transfer the file back onto the Rigel device

1) On the Rigel go to F4 , Data Transfer and Configuration Data

2) On the data transfer program select File and Send File.

Confirming the Transfer

3) To confirm that the entries have been deleted start an Auto Mode test by selecting Menu F4 and then Auto Mode.

4) Insert the Asset ID, Test Code etc. and then confirm with F4.

5) The next menu is the Asset Trace Variables and the fields which were deleted should, on this menu, have nothing in the drop down list and any additional entries should be visible


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