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PF-300 PRO Front

FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO

Premium Gas Flow Analyzer

- Automatic Breath Detection
- Highest Flow Accuracy
- Ultra-Low Flow Measurement
- High Resolution Multi-touch Display
- Pressure & Vacuum Measurements

FlowAnalyser PRO Gas Flow Analysers

Premium bench-top ventilator tester for engineers and health care professionals with a beautiful, high resolution multi-touch user interface that is completely configurable.

The FlowAnalyser PRO with its extreme precision and reliability, is capable of testing a wide range of medical devices such as respiratory and anesthesia devices, oxygen flow meters, pressure gauges and suction devices.

It incorporates unique automatic breath detection, a remote-control interface, data storage, internal battery, and FlowLab, the high-end PC-based Software tool.



Product Part Number
FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO 800A9125
Biomedical Test-Set «Ventilation» PF-300 PRO 800A9126
Biomedical Test-Set «Ventilation & Anaesthesia» PF-300 PRO  800A9127

Biomedical Test-Sets

FlowAnalyser PF-300 PRO test sets combine PF-300 PRO with comprehensive accessories suitable for calibration and verification of all ventilators and anesthesia machines.

  • Automatic Breath Detection#
  • Highest Flow Accuracy
  • Ultra-Low Flow Measurement
  • Pressure & Vacuum Measurements
  • High Resolution Multi-touch Display
  • Lightweight Portability
  • 16-Hour Battery Life
  • Integrated Apps with Guided Test Sequences
  • SmartLung 2000
  • FlowLab Software
  • OR-703 MultiGasAnalyser

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