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FlowLab Software

FlowLab Software for our FlowAnalyser range

Ideal software for extensive analysis of all measurable parameters. Monitoring measurements in curves or numericals while simultaneously recording others in an exportable file has never been easier.

Please note the part number is for FlowLab activation codes. Download of the software itself is free and available in the downloads section. 

FlowLab Software

View your flow, pressure and volume measurements comfortably on your computer monitor while simultaneously saving respiratory parameters. FlowLab displays your measurement results graphically in real-time curves or numerically. Trending reports of up to 100 hours can be generated to verify long-term ventilator functionality. To facilitate your device management, test reports can also be created and saved electronically or printed.

Following features make FlowLab Software to the perfect measurement analysis tool:

1. Real-time curves:

Up to six curves can be displayed so that precise analysis of measured values can be done in no time. Tools such as the insertable cursors help to measure axis sections and allow further analysis for correct trigger definitions. To achieve clear overviews in FlowLab, all panels can be individually labeled or color-matched.

2. Numerical screen with statistics:

The numeric display of FlowLab allows the user to simultaneously display up to 20 measured values in his desired order. Statistical variables such as mean, minimum and maximum values can be displayed in real time and can be compared with preset setpoints and tolerances. FlowLab visually informs you if the measured values are within your desired tolerances.

3. Trending

The trending function of FlowLab allows you to carry out measurements of up to 100 hours. Selecting up to 10 measured values and defining settings such as recording time, recording rate and the time axis is very easy. The recorded values can then be exported into an Excel document and offer the possibility to make further evaluations.

4. Testing reports

Measured values can be digitally saved from FlowLab into a report document or printed out just with a view clicks. Freely definable content allows the design of the test report according to your wishes. In addition to the measured values, all the data of the test object can be clearly displayed in your personal reports.



FlowLab is a third party software provided by IMT analytics. Use of the FlowLab software is at your own risk and Rigel Medical take no responsibility for any damage to your PC/device or any loss of data.

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