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Double capacity infusion pump testing with Rigel Medical Multi-Flo

Rigel Medical's Multi-Flo high performance analyser doubles infusion pump test capacity, saving time and delivering productivity improvements through instantaneous high accuracy flow measurements.

Available in single or multi-channel configuration, the Multi-Flo channels can be tested simultaneously across a range of 10 μL (microlitre) to 1,500 mL per hour and the results stored in the instrument’s large internal memory. With a sampling rate of 1Hz, the Multi-Flo can accurately detail any variations in flow or pressure, providing a real-time picture of the quality of infusion.

Rigel Medical Multi Flo Infusion Pump Analyser


Fast, accurate and instantaneous flow measurements are provided, even at low rates, enabling the user to test twice as many infusion devices within the same time period when compared to other volumetric-based analysers.

The direct flow measurements, are directly comparable with tests using the traditional scales method but without the manual handling and evaporation problems associated with it. The Multi-Flo also offers faster set-up times and improved data recording - tests have shown that on typical low flow rates, users can cut testing times by up to 50%, providing significant annual cost savings.

The easy-to-use stand-alone analyser enables manufacturer specific test routines to be programmed and automatically executed, with readings stored automatically in a large internal memory. This removes the need for manual recording of data, reduces duplication of work and cuts the risk of manual data errors.

To meet the requirements of IEC 60601-2-24, the Multi-Flo also provides accurate back pressure simulations, occlusion alarm monitoring and bolus (PCA) measurements. A large colour screen presents the data in both numerical and graphical format, giving the user the flexibility to monitor acquired volume, flow delivery profiles, pressure changes and bolus volumes.

A remote control interface is available via Rigel's proprietary test solution software Med-eBase, allowing the complete control of the Multi-Flo's features from the comfort of a PC. Requiring just a single USB connection per Multi-Flo, users can connect as many multi-channel Multi-Flo’s to a PC as they have USB ports, increasing the test capacity in high volume test environments.

Med-eBase software also provides an easy way to create default templates, producing real time and high resolution graphs including trumpet curves, and storage of test data. Thanks to its database structure, the software builds a complete history of each asset including functional and electrical safety test results along with user definable visual inspections. Customised PDF test certificates can be included to form a corporate identity on each individual certificate.

Ideal for testing in the field, thanks to its rugged and compact all-in-one housing, the Multi-Flo is also ideally suited for use in a bench mounted or laboratory environment and is part of a range of advanced analysers, simulators, testers and accessories from Rigel Medical.

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