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Rigel analyser leads the way in dialysis machine testing in Japan

The leading manufacturer of dialysis machines and related devices in Japan has specified the Rigel Medical 288 automated safety analyser to improve biomed electrical safety testing.

The move by Nikkiso Co Ltd, which has more than a 50% share of the Japanese dialysis machine market, has led to improvements in testing procedures as part of an in-service annual safety check programme for its machines installed at hospitals and healthcare facilities throughout the country.

The portability of the 288 is a benefit to Nikkiso’s team of over 100 technicians who are able to take advantage of a single solution to quickly and easily complete both earth bond and leakage testing on the dialysis machines. Rigel’s unique earthbond test circuit ensures accurate measurements at low currents which have resulted in a drastic reduction in size and weight of the Rigel 288.

This has led to improvements in the speed and ease of testing and ensures machines are correctly maintained and checked for electrical safety and performance accuracy.

In addition to dialysis machines, Nikkiso leads the way in the manufacture and supply of blood tubing sets, dialysate powder for haemodialysis treatment and blood glucose controller.

The Rigel 288 remains the industry’s smallest automatic safety analyser, providing fast and accurate testing of patient, enclosure and earth leakage as well earth continuity and insulation resistance.

Its compact design and user friendly interface is particularly beneficial for the technicians involved in testing, providing improved portability and ease-of-use during completion of electrical safety checks.

Satoru Kawarabayashi, manager of marketing section at Nikkiso, said: “The 288 is an excellent instrument, providing a fast, cost effective reliable testing solution. The engineers, in particular, find it easy-to-use and appreciate the fact that it is compact enough to carry around with them.

“It incorporates a good range of features for a tester of its size, while the connectivity benefits are particularly impressive. The user-friendly screen, featuring a simple step-by-step test diagram, is also easy to understand and follow.”

The Rigel 288 features a compact Bluetooth barcode scanner, enabling devices and equipment to be quickly and easily identified, while test results can be stored internally and printed wirelessly to a small battery operated printer.

Traceability is improved as information can be downloaded into Med-eBase – the easy-to-use asset management software. This enables the user to store and manage test results, email html test certificates to clients and schedule new work orders, which can then be fully uploaded into a large onboard memory.

The compact, lightweight design and long life battery power of the tester reduces downtime between tests, making the instrument practical and highly portable for multi-site use. It features easy-to-follow menu driven instructions for ease of operation and test control of all required electrical safety tests in manual, semi automatic or fully automatic test modes.

Users also have the facility to select from a range of preset test programs or develop their own customised routines.

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