Biomedical Test Equipment from Rigel Medical

With over three decades of experience, Rigel Medical manufactures a comprehensive range of advance technology Biomedical test equipment, including a dedicated range of Electrical Safety Analysers, all-in-one Vital Signs Simulator, NIBP Simulator, SPO2 Simulator, ECG Simulator, Defibrillator Analysers and Ventilator Testers.

Rigel Medical was the first company to produce a dedicated electrical safety analyser to meet the IEC601 requirements and has since expanded its product offering to a complete range of biomedical test equipment. As an established and respected producer of safety analysers, our products offer the latest technologies such as incorporating Bluetooth and RFID capability, whilst our latest medical safety analyser is using a new test method to accurately measure earth / ground bond resistance at lower currents.

Our biomedical test equipment which includes; safety analysers, function testers and vital signs simulators help biomeds (BMETS), medical physics staff, biomedical and service engineers to comply with strict regulatory guidelines for medical electronic equipment, designed to meet IEC 60601 and the newly published standard IEC62353.

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