Electrical Safety Analyzer Comparison Chart

SafeTest 6062353+288+
Electrical Safety TestsEarth bondbulletbulletbullet
Earth bond point to pointbulletbulletbullet
Insulation @ 50/100/250 VDCbulletbullet
Insulation @ 500 VDCbulletbulletbullet
Number of applied parts0210
IEC 62353 testsEquipment leakage DIRbulletbulletbullet
Equipment leakage DIFF bulletbullet
Equipment leakage ALT bulletbullet
Applied part leakage DIR bulletbullet
Applied part leakage ALT bulletbullet
IEC 60601 testsEarth leakagebulletbullet
Enclosure / chassis leakage bulletbullet
Patient leakage bullet
Patient auxiliary leakage bullet
F type leakage bullet
NFPA-99 testsGround leakagebulletbulletbullet
Chassis leakage bulletbulletbullet
Patient lead testing (Patient leakage) bulletbullet
IEC mains lead testing bulletbullet
Automation and memoryMemory5000 records5000 records
Automatic sequencing bulletbullet
Custimised test protocols bulletbullet
Data entry bulletbullet
PC download bulletbullet
Power supply optionsBattery backupbulletbullet
Battery powered earth bond / insulation testing bulletbullet
Battery powered leakage testing bullet
Universal voltage 90-264V 48-64Hz bullet
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