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The Rigel 288+ Electrical Safety Analyzer

The Rigel 288+ Electrical Safety Analyzer

A small and flexible electrical safety analyzer with battery powered earth/ground bond, insulation and leakage testing.

The Rigel 288+ electrical safety analyzer offers an accurate and fast solution for meeting international and local safety standards.

Enjoy complete freedom to move around, without the need for mains voltage, thanks to the new battery powered test capability. Using standard AA batteries, tests can be carried out for insulation, earth/ground bond testing, and touch or point-to-point leakage current testing.

Why choose the Rigel 288+ electrical safety analyzer

Test to IEC/EN 62353, AAMI/IEC/EN 60601-1 & more
Built -in electronic data storage
Flexible user-definable test routines
Battery-powered leakage, insulation & earth/ground bond tests
50/100/250/500V DC insulation testing
Automatic secondary verification ensures the correct result first time
Small & compact with direct printing via Bluetooth connectivity
Available in a wide range of power configurations
Compatible with Med-eBase for simple asset management

Watch the Rigel 288+ overview video

In this short video, Michael Walton, Applications Engineer at Rigel medical covers the main features of the Rigel 288+ Electrical Safety Analyzer and shows how it can test to both IEC 60601 and IEC 62353. If you would like to speak to one of our team about the 288+ please complete the form on this page or email

The Rigel 288+ Downloader App

Rigel 288+ Downloader App

Transfer medical device test data straight from your pocket. The Rigel 288+ Downloader is an app built to make paperless and wireless data transfer possible for biomedical and clinical engineers performing electrical safety tests, using just a smartphone or tablet.

The app works by generating a PDF containing the test data that can be saved, printed or sent via email and attached to a works order or so they can be stored to a central database or a CMMS.

Click here to find out more

Guide to IEC 62353

Possible applications for the Rigel 288+ electrical safety analyzer:

Rigel 288+ Electrical Safety Analyzer

Routine testing of medical electrical equipment
Service tool for performance testing
Asset management
Fast and efficient testing of IEC leads
Earth/ground bond testing on (medical) installations and non-medical equipment
Testing on fixed installations

We also offer free online demonstrations of the Rigel 288+ so you can see how it can help the way you test the safety of your medical equipment. Get in touch to arrange your 1-2-1 online demo today.

Find out more about the Rigel 288+ Electrical Safety Analyzer

Compliance with international standards

Have peace of mind when it comes to having to comply with a variety of international and local standards and recommendations including, but not limited to, IEC / EN 62353, AAMI / IEC / EN 60601-1, IEC 61010, NFPA-99, AS / NZ 3551.

Built-in electronic data storage and automated testing

Leave the laptop in the office and rest assured that the 288+ has an internal memory to store 5,000 test results, eliminating the risk of manual data capture error and the hassle of paperwork.

Automated test sequences ensure test procedures are performed in a consistent manner, whilst saving time and money through speeding up the test process.

Flexible user-definable test routines

Have complete flexibility over test routines by setting the Rigel 288+ to incorporate user-defined protocols, including specific test instructions or a space to record visual inspections.

It’s easy to update the customisable routines using the Bluetooth communication port, to ensure that test procedures are always up-to-date with the latest requirements.

Small and compact with wireless printing

Reduce the burden or carrying multiple instruments from site to site by using the most compact electrical safety analyzer on the market.

When printed test results are required on the spot, simply connect to one of our battery powered Bluetooth printers, and print your test results wherever and whenever you want, without the need for mains power

Battery-powered testing

The 288+ runs on standard AA batteries, and is capable of performing point-to-point leakage, earth/ground bond and insulation resistance tests on battery power alone

Low voltage insulation testing

Meet the ever growing need to meet manufacturer’s test requirements for increasingly popular equipment running on 24V DC and 48V DC, such as operating tables, lights and mobile X-rays.

Automatic test verification

Get the correct results first time and avoid time consuming re-tests with Rigel’s unique and automated verification of incoming mains configuration and secondary paths, which result in false positives.

Accurate high current, low energy earth/ground bond testing

Rigel’s unique earth/ground bond technology, gives accurate and precise readings, saving time and unnecessary replacement of good mains cables. Measurements are still conducted at 200mA to ensure mechanical wear is being identified.

Available in international mains configurations

The Rigel 288+ is a truly global product, available in the widest possible range of mains configurations to meet local requirements across the globe. Please contact us at to enquire about the available mains configuration for your area.

  • USA, 120V
  • Schuko Germany, 230V
  • UK, 230V
  • Schuko France/Poland, 230V
  • China, 220V
  • India/South Africa, 220V
  • Japan, 100V
  • Australia/New Zealand, 10A/230V

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