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Infusion Pump Webinar Series

Location: Online Webinar
Date and time: Throughout March and April 2021

Throughout March and April 2021 we will be running a number of webinars to educate clinical and biomedical professionals about Infusion Pump Testing.

In this 2 part series, Lewis Lennard, applications engineer at Rigel, will talk about the principles of and gives a breakdown of the standards and testing, as well as giving an in-depth demonstration of the Rigel MultiFlo Infusion Device Analyzer.

Please take a look at the webinars in more depth below and follow the links to sign up.

These webinars are suitable for biomedical and clinical engineers worldwide. We are running these webinars at 2 different times to help accommodate for the different time zones globally. You can choose your time zone to get your local time when you sign up to the webinar.

Part 1 - An Introduction the Infusion Device Testing

Here are the topics Lewis covers:

• Infusion characteristics
• The problems associated with infusion
• Types of infusion devices
• Measurement technologies for testing infusion device

Dates and times

Thur Mar 11th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)

Thur Apr 8th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)

CPD Certification Service Rigel Medical

You will be eligible for 1 hour towards your CPD by attending this webinar. Please let us know if you would like a certificate when signing up. Please also make sure you view the full webinar so you are eligible for the certificate. We can not issue certificates to people who do not attend the full webinar, or who have it open on their device in the background.

Part 2 - The MultiFlo Infusion Device Analyzer 

Here are the topics Lewis covers:

• Instant flow and pressure measurements 
• Manufacturer specific test routines, including back pressure simulations and bolus tests
• Multi-channel configuration
• Controlling the Multi-Flo using Rigel Med-eBase

Dates and times

Thur Mar 25th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)

Thur Apr 22nd 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)


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