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Electrosurgery Webinar Series

Location: Online
Date and time: Throughout Jan & Feb 2021

Throughout Jan and Feb 2021 we will be running a number of webinars to educate clinical and biomedical professionals about Electrosurgery.

In the is 2 part series, Lewis Lennard, applications engineer at Rigel, will talk about the principles of electrosurgery and gives a breakdown of the standards and testing, as well as giving an in-depth demonstration of the Rigel Uni-Therm electrosurgical Analyzer.

Please take a look at the webinars in more depth below and follow the links to sign up.

These webinars are suitable for biomedical and clinical engineers worldwide. We are running these webinars at 2 different times to help accommodate for the different time zones globally. You can choose your time zone to get your local time when you sign up to the webinar.

Part 1 - An Introduction to Electrosurgery

Here are the topics Lewis covers:

• Principles of electrosurgical units (ESUs)
• Electrosurgery waveforms and effects
• ESU hazards and protective measures
• Safety and performance testing

Dates and times

Thur Jan 14th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)

Thur Feb 11th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)

Part 2 - The Uni-Therm Electrosurgical Analyzer 

Here are the topics Lewis covers:

• Testing ESUs manually and automatically 
• Analyzing onscreen results and graphs
• Understanding high frequency leakage measurements
• Downloading results into excel or Rigel Med-eBase

Dates and times

Thur Jan 28th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)

Thur Feb 25th 2021 - 10AM & 7PM (GMT)


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