New Vital Signs Booklet
22nd February 2012

Medical devices and equipment used to check for and monitor people’s vital signs - blood pressure (invasive or non-invasive methods), temperature, electro cardiogram (ECG), respiration and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) - needs to be checked regularly to ensure they work accurately and safely and do not pose a risk to operators and patients alike. This has led to the development of high performance simulators to undertake vital signs monitoring and performance testing.

To help people understand what’s involved, Rigel has produced a free illustrative ‘Introduction to measuring and simulating vital signs’ booklet. This covers the performance tests (also referred to as quality or functional tests) that are typically executed using calibrated simulators across a number of applications and are all part of an acceptance test, preventative maintenance cycle or repair.

For a pdf or hard copy of the booklet, email or call +44 (0)191 587 4951 for a free copy.

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