Customisable O-curves

The following are instructions to obtain additional O-Curves for your Rigel BP-Sim or Uni-Sim.

In partnership with manufacturers and customers, more and more O-Curves are becoming available. To ensure these curves are as accurate as possible we have divided them into “Confirmed” and “Unconfirmed”.

The “Confirmed” list contains O-Curves either created by the manufacturer or by clients who have had theirs verified by at least three other users.

The “Unconfirmed” list contains O-curves which have yet to be confirmed by three separate parties.

By downloading an unconfirmed “O-Curve”, you automatically accept that the use of the “O-Curves” is at your own risk. You also agree to provide feedback on the performance using the provided feedback form. This will help us develop the list of “confirmed” O-curves. Please send the completed feedback forms to and put “O-Curve Feedback” in the subject field.

If you would like to make changes to the “O-Curves” in order to improve the accuracy, or generate a new “O-Curve” currently not available, please submit your data to and put “New O-curve” in the subject field.

Confirmed Unconfirmed
Colin Critikon Dinamap Plus
Criticare Datascope Duo
Criticare 506DXN Datascope Mindray Duo
Datascope Accutor Plus Datascope Trio
Datascope Passport Dinamap pro 300
Datex-Omeda S5 Drager Infinity
Default Gambro OK
GE Procare HP_Merlin_M1008B
Omron IntelliSense Marquette eagle 3000
Welch Allyn Propaq Mennen
  Philips IntelliVue MPXX
  Philips M3046A
  Philips_SureSigns VS3
  Propaq Lt
  Welch Allyn 53NTP
  Welch Allyn Propaq LT

Instructions on how to create new O-curves can be downloaded here.

Download O-Curves and O-curves Evaluation Form